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Precast Boundary Wall in Pune

precast boundary wall

Pune, the vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and rapid urbanization, is witnessing a surge in construction activities. With the growing need for secure and efficient boundary solutions, precast boundary walls have emerged as a popular choice among builders and developers in Pune.

What Are Precast Boundary Walls?

Precast boundary walls as blocks made of concrete. They are manufactured in a factory and then transported to where they are needed. On-site, these pre-made blocks are pieced together to form walls. Precast Boundary Wall is also known as Readymade Boundary Wall, Folding wall, Folding Compound Wall, Precast Compound wall, Cement Wall, Precast Wall, RCC compound wall, RCC Boundary wall.

Why Precast Boundary Walls Popular In Pune?

1. Speedy Construction:

Precast walls made ahead of time, so they can be installed much faster than traditional walls, so project can be completed more quickly.

2. Durability

Precast walls are designed withstand the weather conditions including hot summers and heavy rains. They are made from high-quality materials and reinforced to ensure strength. This durability ensures that the walls last for many years without requiring much maintenance and reducing the need of costly repairs or replacements over time.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost of precast walls may lesser compared to traditional walls. They offer long-term cost savings, as projects can be completed more quickly so reducing labor costs. Additionally, the durability of precast walls means they require less maintenance, so reducing long-term costs.

4. Customization

Precast boundary walls come in various sizes, shapes, designs. Whether a project is residential, commercial or industrial, precast walls can be customized to meet specific needs, including different heights, textures and finishes.

5. Low Maintenance

Once precast walls installed, they require minimal maintenance to keep them in good condition, when traditional walls that may require regular repairs, additionally saving time and money on maintenance.

Applications of Precast Boundary Walls in Pune

Precast boundary walls are being used in various sectors in Pune including:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties

How Precast Boundary Walls are installed

The installation process of precast boundary walls involves several steps.

  1. Site Preparation: The construction site is cleared, leveled, and prepared to accommodate the walls.
  2. Transportation: Precast walls panels are transported to the site using specialized vehicles.
  3. Assembly: Cranes are used to lift and position the panels, which are then interconnected and secured to form a complete wall structure.

Precast Boundary Wall Size And Specification


  • 3mm PPC steel- High-tensile per set, with the stressing system (4-pieces in each panel)
  • height: 300mm
  • length: 2100mm
  • Thickness: 50mm


  • 3mm PCC Steel-High-tensile with Stressing System (7- pieces in each column)
  • Length of the column depends on the customer’s requirement
  • 150×150 mm width