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Precast Compound Wall Cost

The cost of a precast compound wall can vary widely depending on various factors such as the design complexity, material quality, labor rates, location, and site-specific conditions.

As a rough estimate, in India, the cost of a precast compound wall can range from ₹60 to ₹130 per square foot. However, this is just a general range, and the actual cost can be higher or lower based on the following factors:

1. Design Complexity

Basic designs with standard finishes will be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, while custom-designed walls with intricate patterns or decorative elements will be more expensive.

2. Material Quality

The quality of materials used, including the concrete mix, reinforcement, and surface finishes, can significantly impact the cost. Higher-quality materials will typically result in a higher overall cost.

3. Labor Rates

Skilled labor for the installation of precast panels and site preparation can vary based on local wage rates and availability of skilled workers.

4. Location

Construction costs can vary by region due to differences in material prices, transportation costs, and local regulations.

5. Site Conditions

Factors such as soil stability, terrain, and accessibility can influence the cost of site preparation and foundation work.

6. Customization

Any additional features or customizations, such as architectural details or special finishes, will add to the overall cost.

To get an accurate cost estimate for a specific project, it’s best to contact us we can provide detailed quotes based on the project’s requirements and site conditions. They will consider factors such as the size of the wall, design complexity, material specifications, labor rates, and logistical considerations to provide a customized cost estimate.

Precast Compound Wall Cost Analysis

Compare to brick walls construction, precast compound wall saves 50 percent cost.Precast compound wall costs per square foot approximately Rs. 80 per Square feet. in comparison brick wall costs Rs. 185 per square foot. because foundation bricks not needed in precast comppound wall.

Precast Compound Wall taking very less time in construction, because Precast panels and Columns are made at factory before project start. then after moved to the project location and only erection and alignment time takes to prepare boundary walls. Approximately, Precast compound wall  installation takes 95 to 97% less time compare to any other type of walls.

What is cost of precast compound wall per square foot ?

Approximately, precast compound wall costs Rs.85  per square foot. But it may change on location change because of raw material rate difference. For Example Precast Compound wall cost per square foot in Gujarat is 55-65 per square foot while 95 per square foot in Delhi. Because sand and stone rate is less than 50 percent in Gujarat compare to Delhi.

How do you calculate precast compound wall cost?

Precast Compound Wall Cost Calculation is easy to know the total cost of project.

For example, the cost of Precast Compound Wall is Rs. 80 per sqaure feet.

let assume Height of  wall is 6 feet and length of wall is 200 running feet.

Cost of precast wall  = Rate per square feet x Height of wall x Length of wall

Total Cost = 80 x 6 x 200 = 96000  is Total cost of wall including all charges.

Advantages of Precast Compound Wall

1. Speedy Construction

One of the most significant advantages of precast walls is their quick installation. Since the walls are manufactured off-site and brought ready to be placed, the time taken for construction on-site is reduced.

2. Durability

Precast compound  walls are designed withstand the weather conditions including hot summers and heavy rains. They are made from high-quality materials and reinforced with steel to ensure strength and maintaining their structure over many years.

 3. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost of precast compound walls may lesser compared to traditional walls. They offer long-term cost savings, as projects can be completed more quickly so reducing labor costs. Additionally, the durability of precast walls means they require less maintenance, so reducing long-term costs.

 4. Customization

Precast compound walls come in various sizes, shapes, designs. Whether a project is residential, commercial or industrial, precast walls can be customized to meet specific needs, including different heights, textures and finishes.

 5. Low Maintenance

Once precast compound walls installed, they require minimal maintenance to keep them in good condition, when traditional walls that may require regular repairs, additionally saving time and money on maintenance.

How Precast Compound Walls Are Installed

The installation process of precast compound walls involves several steps.

1. Site Preparation

The first step is preparing the site where the wall will be installed. This includes clearing the land of debris, vegetation, and leveling the ground. Proper site preparation ensures that the foundation can adequately support the wall.

2. Foundation Laying

A strong and level foundation is critical for the stability of precast walls. Typically, this involves digging a trench and pouring a reinforced concrete foundation. The foundation must be cured completely before proceeding with the installation of the wall panels.

3. Transportation

Precast wall panels are transported from the factory to the construction site using flatbed trucks. It is crucial to handle and transport these panels carefully to prevent any damage.

4. Installation of Panels

Using cranes or lifting equipment, the precast panels are carefully placed onto the foundation. Alignment is crucial to ensure that the panels fit together properly and are level.

precast boundary wall

Precast boundary wall size and specification


  • 3mm PPC steel- High-tensile per set, with the stressing system (4-pieces in each panel)
  • height: 300mm
  • length: 2100mm
  • Thickness: 50mm


  • 3mm PCC Steel-High-tensile with Stressing System (7- pieces in each column)
  • Length of the column depends on the customer’s requirement
  • 150×150 mm width
Precast compound wall size

Our Products

precast compound wall

Precast Compound Walls are the best and cost effective solution to construct your compound wall.

precast boundary wall

Precast boundary walls are an innovative and efficient solution for demarcating properties and ensuring security.

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Readymade Walls  are  readily installed, offering a quick, efficient, and sustainable building solution.

rcc compound wall

RCC compound walls are a popular choice for property demarcation, offering robust security, durability.

prefabricated boundary wall

Prefabricated boundary walls are an efficient and modern solution for your property.

solar powerplant boundary wall

Solar power plant boundary walls play a critical role in securing and protecting solar installations.

prestressed boundary wall

Prestressed boundary walls are an advanced construction solution known for their high strength, durability, and efficiency.

cement concrete compound wall

Cement Concrete Compound Walls offer a long-lasting solution for boundary definition and security for your property.

cement concrete compound wall

Concrete boundary walls are a popular and reliable solution for securing properties and demarcating boundaries.


RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) folding walls are an innovative and versatile solution in the construction industry.

precast concrete wall

Precast concrete walls are an increasingly popular choice in the construction industry due to their durability, versatility, and efficiency.


Precast folding walls are an innovative and efficient solution for various construction and architectural applications.


Precast concrete boundary walls are a popular choice for property owners looking for durable, customizable, and cost-effective fencing solutions.

concrete folding compound wall

Concrete folding compound walls are innovative structures designed to offer flexibility and security for properties.


Precast RCC walls  offering strength, durability, and customization in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner during installation.

prefabricated-cement-concrete-boundary-wall edited 240x240

Prefabricated cement concrete boundary walls  providing a durable, customizable, and time-efficient solution for property boundaries.


Prefabricated concrete compound walls offer high durability and low maintenance requirements.

cement compound wall

Cement compound wall known for its strength and longevity, providing durable boundary solutions for properties.

compound wall

Compound walls provide security, privacy, and boundary demarcation for properties.


Prefabricated compound wall provides high-quality construction and offering a quick and durable solution for property boundaries.


RCC  boundary walls known for their robust construction, providing high strength and durability for property boundaries.


RCC precast boundary walls provides combination of strength and convenience, offering a  easy-to-install solution for properties.


Readymade RCC walls are characterized by their quick installation and  providing a convenient and durable solution for property boundaries.


Prestressed walls are exceptionally  durable due to their tensioned reinforcement, making them ideal for robust construction projects.


Prefabricated walls are pre-made components manufactured off-site, providing efficient and rapid installation for construction projects.


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